SHE IS NAKED!! Ricegum Strip Fortnite Best Moments Compilation

Drake confirms his love for pineapple pizza, Travis Scott makes it rain, and all the highlights from Twitch's most-watched live stream of all-time. Epic hasn't announced exactly when the replay editor will roll out for Fortnite, but the developer says the system will be released for PC and consoles "soon." The replay editor will also be a part of Unreal Engine's 4.20 update, giving developers access to the same suite of tools.

Fortnite legend Ninja was joined on his Twitch stream by Drake last night, and the two of them actually played really well together - they even managed to chalk up a victory royale while tag-teaming! If you're a fan of video games, check out Transition , Gadgets 360's gaming podcast.

Fortnite at full frame-rate also passes muster as a premium experience on all consoles too - 60fps is 60fps, after all - although small dips in performance occur a little more often on the base Xbox One across a general run of play. Drake claimed on the stream that he was a regular Fortnite gamer, checking out videos of Ninja on YouTube when he had some downtime in the studio.

Fortnite developer Epic is releasing a replay editor for the game's massively popular Battle Royale mode. What was your favorite moment from the Drake and Ninja duos stream? Smith-Schuster saying that playing Fortnite on that stream was better than scoring a touchdown.

Your shield is the blue bar directly above the health bar, and players initially start at zero. The studio unveiled the editing suite during a Fortnite Best Moments presentation at the Game Developers Conference this week, and it's slated to roll out for the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in the near future.

Epic recently added a new weapon to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode: the Heavy Shotgun That follows the remote explosives, which were introduced as part of last week's big 3.3 patch A new type of loot drop-Supply Llamas-were also added in the update, while the smoke grenade was moved into the Vault.

The world famous rapper joined top streamer Ninja and the pair teamed up to play Fortnite, the popular free-to-play sandbox survival game developed by Epic Games. To win his first game, Blind had to beat a very skilled and meticulous player called "Niibs", who was sitting right next to me throughout my three parties angry in the heat one.

With their anonymous names you never knew who the other players were, so each contest rewarded prudent and careful play and treated each opponent as if he could be one of the best on the planet. While Fortnite can be an intense battle to the death and a frustrating gaming experience, it is also a very silly game.

But this is still a new paradigm, and Ninja knows he's one of the first people to test the waters between social stardom and Hollywood stardom; between professional gamer and professional rapper. So, if you're logged into your Fortnite account on mobile playing and you later log into your console to play, everything you did on mobile later that day is carried over.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I'm impressed by how Epic Games handles in-game issues. He said he spent the past month competing against other top players through exclusive diskord chat servers, where scrimmages and other training sessions are often organized between professionals and semi-professionals.

Yes, the Drake, the Canadian Grammy Award winning musician responsible for countless chart-toppers and a number of popular memes, appeared on Twitch streamer Ninja 's channel to play Fortnite yesterday, alongside some cameo appearances from Travis Scott, internet mogul Kim Dotcom, and American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster.

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